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Bathing Options...

We offer two types of bathing styles! We have a self-wash option or an employee wash option. Need a full groom? We have a groomer on staff to provide haircuts, paw, face and fanny trims plus so much more! You can save even more money by joining our Club Tropics, become a member today!


All bathing tools such as, brushes, combs, towels, tear stain remover, detangler, deodorizing spray, slicker brushes and high velocity dryers are available for all baths!

(no appointment necessary)


This is our self-wash option which includes TropiClean shampoo and conditioner combination, teeth brushing and full use of all bathing tools, including high velocity dryers! Ear cleaning wipes, tear stain remover, detangler, towels, aprons and face wipes are also available for use during your bathing session! Our self-wash is offered on a WALK-IN basis and is first come first serve. This walk-in service is available Tue-Sat from 10AM-5PM. 


Our Self Wash is available for $5 EVERY Friday!


No Appointments Necessary

Employee Wash

Starting at $34.99 (price varies by weight)

Our employee wash option includes an ear cleaning, teeth cleaning and nail trim. Luxurious soaking bath in TropiClean products and a pup massage! During the bathing session, tear stain remover will be used if necessary.

This service is by appointment ONLY!

This option also includes drop off & pick up available.

Full Grooming

Our full grooming options includes a full body cut, pad trimming, nail trim, ear cleaning and blow out with a luxurious soaking bath! This is our all-inclusive option. This option is by appointment only. Our grooming sessions begin at $79.99 depending on weight class and coat.

This service is by appointment ONLY!

This option also includes drop off & pick up available.

Upgrades & Add On Services

Doggie Polish $6

Pawdicure $20

(Nail trim, pad soak, paw massage with medicated paw balm, polish if desired)

Paw, Face & fanny Trim $17

Nail Trim $16

(offered on walk-in basis)

Pawssage (w/paw balm) $10

Pup Massage $30 per 30 minutes

De-Shedding $25

Ear Plucking $10

Anal Glands $10

De-Matting starting at $16

Pup Massage $1 per minute

Mud Bath $6

Ear Treatment $16

(Flushing & cleaning of inner ear along with hair removal)

Teeth Cleaning $8

(Removal of staining & brushing)

Pick Up & Drop Off $20

(Within 20-mile radius)

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